HC-05 Bluetooth Module Interfacing with Arduino UNO

Overview of Bluetooth


HC-05 Bluetooth Module
HC-05 Bluetooth Module


HC-05 is a Bluetooth device used for wireless communication with Bluetooth enabled devices (like smartphone). It communicates with microcontrollers using serial communication (USART).

Default settings of HC-05 Bluetooth module can be changed using certain AT commands.

As HC-05 Bluetooth module has 3.3 V level for RX/TX and microcontroller can detect 3.3 V level, so, there is no need to shift TX voltage level of HC-05 module. But we need to shift the transmit voltage level from microcontroller to RX of HC-05 module.

For more information about HC-05 Bluetooth module and how to use it, refer the topic HC-05 Bluetooth module in the sensors and modules section.


Connection Diagram of HC-05 with Arduino

Interfacing HC-05 Bluetooth Module With Arduino Uno
Interfacing HC-05 Bluetooth Module with Arduino UNO



Note : Default Bluetooth name of the device is “HC-05” and default PIN (password) for connection is either “0000” or “1234”. 


Send Message using Bluetooth HC-05 With Arduino

Here, we will transmit data from Smartphone via Bluetooth to the Arduino Uno and display it on Serial Monitor of PC.

Download and install a Bluetooth terminal application on your phone and use it to connect to the HC-05 Bluetooth module.

Data is sent from the Smartphone using the Bluetooth terminal application.


HC-05 Bluetooth Module Code for Arduino Uno


/* Create object named bt of the class SoftwareSerial */ 
SoftwareSerial bt(2,3); /* (Rx,Tx) */	

void setup() {
  bt.begin(9600);	/* Define baud rate for software serial communication */
  Serial.begin(9600);	/* Define baud rate for serial communication */

void loop() {
    if (bt.available())	/* If data is available on serial port */
     Serial.write(bt.read());	/* Print character received on to the serial monitor */


Video of HC-05 Bluetooth Communication With Arduino Uno

Components Used

Bluetooth Module HC-05
Bluetooth is a wireless communication protocol used to communicate over short distances. It is used for low power, low cost wireless data transmission applications over 2.4 – 2.485 GHz (unlicensed) frequency band.
Arduino UNO
Arduino UNO
Arduino Nano
Arduino Nano


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