8051 Controller

8051 Controller

8051 is 8-bit microcontroller of MCS-51 family first introduced by Intel in 1980.

8051 Basics

Introduction to 8051 Controller

8051 is an 8-bit microcontroller of the MCS-51 family first introduced by Intel, it is on-chip computer with 4 Kbytes of ROM and 128 Bytes of RAM

Getting Started with 8051 and Keil IDE

8051 microcontroller programming using Keil µVision IDE

8051 UART

8051 has an inbuilt UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter) which is used to transmit and receive data bit by bit serially.

8051 Power down and Idle mode

8051 microcontroller provides features of power down and Idle mode to improve power consumption efficiency.

8051 Timers

8051 microcontrollers have two timers/counters, which can be used as either timer to generate delay or counter to count external events.

8051 Interrupts

8051 has an interrupt system which can handle internal as well as external interrupts with priority.


LCD16x2 Interfacing in 8-bit with 8051

LCD16x2 has two lines with 16 characters in each line. LCD16x2 generally used for printing values and string in embedded applications.

LCD16x2 interfacing in 4-bit mode with 8051

LCD16x2 can be interfaced by using 4 data lines, which saves GPIO pins.

LCD16x2 custom character display using 8051

LCD16x2 can display user-defined custom characters. This can be used for displaying symbols and different patterns.

GLCD 128x64 interfacing with 8051 Microcontroller

GLCD 128x64 is a Graphical LCD having a 128x64 pixel resolution. It is used to display custom character, values, text with different fonts, binary images.


RFID Reader EM18 Interface with 8051

EM18 RFID reader module is used to read 125 kHz RFID card wirelessly for a very short distance. It is generally used in applications like attendance system, access management, tracking of goods, etc.

MT8870 DTMF Interfacing with 8051

MT8870 is a DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency) receiver, which decodes the dial tone generated from the telephone keypad. It used in interactive voice response systems (IVRS), Remote control, Credit card systems, etc.

4x4 Keypad interfacing with 8051

The keypad is an input device which generally used in applications such as calculator, ATM machines, computer, etc.

GPS module Interfacing with 8051

Interfaced GPS receiver module with 8051 and display the Time, Latitude, Longitude, and Altitude info on LCD20x4 display. 8051 read the data serially from GPS receiver using USART communication with 9600 Baud rate.

IoT and Wireless

HC-05 Bluetooth Module Interfacing with 8051

Bluetooth is a wireless communication protocol used to communicate over short distances. Here we design a smartphone-controlled LED using the HC-05 Bluetooth module.

SIM900A GSM Interfacing with 8051

SIM900A GSM module is a communication device which is used to make or receive calls, send or receive SMS, connecting to the internet over GPRS.


PIR Motion Sensor Interface with 8051

PIR motion sensor senses the Infrared signal radiated from moving human or animal body. It is generally used to detect the motions of human or animal.

DHT11 Sensor Interfacing with 8051.

Interface single wire DHT11 sensor with 8051 and read the value of Temperature and Humidity from DHT11. Display these Temperature and Humidity values on the LCD 16x2.

Ultrasonic Module HC-SR04 Interfacing with 8051

The ultrasonic module HC-SR04 is generally used for finding distance value and obstacle detection. It can operate in the range of 2-400cm.

Motors and Actuators

DC motor interfacing with 8051

DC Motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is used in the robotics field, toys, quadcopters, etc.

Servo Motor Interfacing with 8051

Servo motor is an electromechanical device which consists of a Motor, Gear assembly, and feedback circuitry. It is used in Robotics applications, airplanes, rudders, quadcopters, etc.

Stepper Motor interfacing with 8051

Interfacing Stepper motor with 8051 and rotate it clockwise and anti-clockwise. Here, we are using a ULN2003 driver which is used to drive a stepper motor.