Nordic nRF52 Series

Nordic nRF52 Series

The nRF52 Series is a family of multiprotocol SoCs offering a broad selection for a wide range of applications and use-cases. The family members provide the option to select a high-end SoC, a cost-effective SoC, or something in between. All SoCs are extremely energy efficient and advanced, but have different memory configurations and features, and support different protocols.

Getting Started nRF52 Series

Introduction of nRF52 Series

Introduction of the nRF52 Series System-on-Chips (SoCs) and wireless protocols.

Getting Started with nRF52 Series

nRF52 Series Development Kits and Setting toolchain for application development.

GPIO with LED Blinking with Button Input nRF52 Series

Using nRF52 Series SoCs GPIO with the LED blinking example and button as input reading.