Pioneering Build for Efficient Wireless Energy and Spectacular Lighting

Published Jul 02, 2024
 30 hours to build

Explore a pioneering project focused on efficient wireless energy and stunning lighting displays. Join us as we innovate and build smart technology that promises to redefine how we harness energy and create captivating visual effects.

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Components Used

MOSFET MOSFT 55V 49A 17.5mOhm 42nC
Resistor 1 kOhms
Metal Film Resistors - Through Hole 1K ohm 1/4W 1%
microwave oven transformers (MOTs)
450vac / 0.1uf
flyback transformer
5mm connectors
2mm ss screws
mot fuses
1/4" copper pipe / 50 feet
230VAC / 1000 RPM


Problem/Challenge: Explore the principles of wireless power transfer and high-voltage phenomena using a larger Tesla coil.

End Result: Constructing two Tesla coils: one with a 1-foot primary coil and another with a 4-foot primary coil, capable of wirelessly lighting bulbs and producing significant visual effects (


Components List

Primary Coil:
For the 1-foot Tesla coil, thick copper wire (24 AWG) is used to form the primary coil. For the 4-foot Tesla coil, 1/4" copper pipe is used. The primary coil is responsible for generating a strong magnetic field when high voltage is applied, inducing a current in the secondary coil through electromagnetic induction. The choice of wire or pipe ensures adequate conductivity and the ability to handle the high voltage and current levels required for efficient operation.

Secondary Coil:
Both Tesla coils use fine copper wire (30 AWG) for the secondary coil. This wire is wound around an insulated form to create a large number of turns. The secondary coil is where the high-frequency electromagnetic fields are generated, leading to the production of high-voltage, low-current electricity. The fine wire ensures efficient winding and enhances the performance of the coil by providing a high-quality electromagnetic field.

Power Supply:

The 1-foot Tesla coil utilizes a flyback transformer, which is capable of generating high voltages at relatively low currents. This is suitable for smaller Tesla coils. For the 4-foot Tesla coil, multiple microwave oven transformers (MOTs) are used in series. This configuration provides the necessary high voltage required for the larger coil, ensuring it operates effectively. I uploaded a video related to power supply testing for 4 - foot tesla coil




Capacitors play a crucial role in storing and discharging electrical energy in the Tesla coil circuit. For the 1-foot coil, capacitors with a specification of 0.1 μF, 450 VAC are used. For the 4-foot coil, capacitors rated at 2.1 kV, 0.1 μF are connected in series. These capacitors ensure proper energy storage and controlled discharge, which is critical for creating the rapid oscillations needed for the Tesla coil to function.

Spark Gap:

The spark gap is essential for the operation of the Tesla coil, as it allows the stored energy in the capacitors to be rapidly discharged into the primary coil, creating oscillations. For the larger 4-foot coil, a rotary spark gap is employed. This mechanism has rotating electrodes that break and complete the circuit at high speeds, allowing for precise control of the spark rate, improving performance and efficiency. For the smaller 1-foot coil, a standard fixed spark gap is used, providing the necessary functionality without the complexity of a rotary system.

Insulation Materials:

PVC pipe and insulating tape are used to provide necessary insulation for the coils and other components. This insulation prevents electrical breakdown and ensures safe operation by keeping high voltage components properly isolated from each other and from the surroundings.


Safety Gear

When working with high-voltage components, safety is paramount. Gloves and safety goggles protect the user from potential electrical shocks and other hazards during the assembly and testing of the Tesla coils.

This comprehensive setup ensures that both the smaller and larger Tesla coils operate efficiently, safely, and effectively, showcasing advanced wireless power transfer and spectacular lighting effects.


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