Arduino is an Open Source hardware and software user community platform that designs and manufactures Microcontroller kits used for building Electronics projects. Arduino comes with Microcontroller kit and IDE (Integrated Development Environment) or Software that used to write and upload codes on Microcontroller kit.


GPS Module Interfacing With Arduino UNO

GPS is a Global Positioning System which provides accurate information about the location and time of the device. GPS receivers are generally used in smartphones, fleet management system, military etc. for tracking or finding location.

HC-05 Bluetooth Module Interfacing with Arduino UNO

Bluetooth is a wireless communication protocol used to communicate over short distances. HC-05 Bluetooth module uses serial communication to talk with microcontrollers.

Analog Joystick Interfacing with Arduino UNO

Analog Joystick is an input device used to control the pointer movement in 2-Dimensional axes. Generally, joystick is used for getting angular movements.

LM35 Interfacing with Arduino UNO

LM35 is a sensor which is used to measure temperature. It provides an electrical output proportional to the temperature (in Celsius).

4x4 Keypad Interfacing With Arduino UNO

Keypad is an input device which is generally used in applications such as calculators, ATM machines, computers etc.

ADXL335 Accelerometer Interfacing with Arduino Uno

ADXL335 accelerometer sensor measures acceleration due to gravity. It is used to measure the angle of tilt or inclination in application systems such as in Mobile devices, Gaming applications, Laptops, Digital cameras, Aeroplanes etc.

MT8870 DTMF Decoder Interfacing with Arduino UNO

MT8870 is a DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency) receiver, which decodes the dial tone generated from a telephone keypad. It used in Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRS), Remote control, Credit card systems etc.

IR Communication using Arduino UNO

IR (infrared) communication is a wireless communication technology, used for short distance data/control transmission. It is commonly used in TV remotes, mobile phones, computers, and PDAs etc.

Magnetometer HMC5883L Interfacing With Arduino UNO

HMC5883L is a triple axis magnetometer developed by Honeywell. It provides the direction of heading. Magnetometer is used as a compass in Mobiles Phones and Navigation systems in vehicles to indicate directions.

PIR Sensor Interfacing with Arduino UNO

PIR motion sensor senses Infrared signals. It is generally used to detect the motion of humans or animals.

MPU6050 Interfacing With Arduino UNO

MPU6050 sensor module is a combination of 3-axis Gyroscope, 3-axis Accelerometer and Temperature sensor with on-board Digital Motion Processor (DMP). It is used in mobile devices, motion enabled games, 3D mice, gesture (motion command) control technology etc.

DHT11 Sensor Interfacing with Arduino UNO

DHT11 is a single wire digital humidity and temperature sensor, which gives relative humidity in percentage and temperature in degree Celsius.

DC Motor Interfacing with Arduino UNO

DC Motor is a device which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is used in robotics field, toys, quad copters etc.

DS1307 RTC Module Interfacing with Arduino UNO

DS1307 is a two wire (I2C) serial interface RTC (Real Time Clock) with 56 byte of nonvolatile RAM. This provides clock and calendar with second, minute, hour, day, date, month and year.

LCD 16x2 Interfacing With Arduino Uno

LCD16x2 has two lines with 16 characters in each line. LCD16x2 is generally used for printing values and strings in embedded application

Stepper Motor Interfacing with Arduino UNO

A stepper motor is a simple brushless DC Motor which rotates in steps. It is used where precise rotational angle step is required i.e. in robotics applications, floppy disk drives, printers, scanners, CD drives, camera lenses, 3D printers etc.

7-Segment Display Interfacing with Arduino UNO

7-segment LED displays are used for displaying numerical values from 0 to 9 and few characters like A, b, C, d, e, F, H, L, O, P, U etc.7-segment displays are widely used in digital clock

Servo Motor Interfacing With Arduino Uno

Servo motor is an electromechanical device which consists of motor, gear assembly and feedback circuitry. It is used in Robotics applications, airplanes, rudders, quadcopters, etc.

TCP Client using SIM900A GPRS and Arduino UNO

Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is standard transport layer internet protocol in between server and client. Using SIM900A GPRS module, we can implement TCP server/client over GPRS for IoT applications

HTTP Client using Sim900A GPRS and Arduino UNO

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is standard application layer protocol in between server and client. Using SIM900A GPRS module, we can implement HTTP server/client over GPRS for IoT applications

Soil Moisture Sensor Interfacing with Arduino UNO

Soil moisture sensor is used to measure the water content (moisture) in the soil. It is used in agriculture applications, irrigation and gardening systems, etc.

Thermistor Interfacing with Arduino UNO

Thermistor is a type of resistor whose resistance changes in accordance with change in temperature. It is used to measure the temperature over small range typically -100 °C to 300 °C

Thermocouple Interfacing With Arduino UNO

Thermocouple is a device consisting of two dissimilar metals connected together creating a junction which is used for measuring the temperature

Sim900A GSM Module Interfacing with Arduino UNO

SIM900A GSM module is a communication device which is used to make or receive calls, send or receive SMS, connect to the internet over GPRS

ESP8266 WiFi Module Interfacing with Arduino UNO

ESP8266 is Wi-Fi enabled system on chip (SoC) module developed by Espressif system. It is mostly used for development of IoT (Internet of Things) embedded applications.

Nokia5110 Graphical Display Interfacing With Arduino UNO

Nokia5110 is 48x84 dot LCD display with Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Connectivity. It was designed for cell phones, also used in embedded applications

OLED Graphic Display Interfacing With Arduino UNO

OLED graphic display modules are compact and have high contrast pixels which make these displays easily readable. They do not require backlight since the display creates its own light. Hence they consume less power. Both I2C and SPI based OLED modules are available in market

XBee S2 (ZigBee) Interfacing with Arduino UNO

XBee is a radio module developed by Digi International. It is a popular wireless transceiver used to send or receive data